Last month at Teen Talk, our InterAct staff discussed personality types and how unique characteristics of a person can affect how they act in relationships.  Specifically, we addressed how to utilize one’s natural strengths while acknowledging areas for growth.  Further, we talked of how your children can use their skills to be active and responsible in relationships while promoting an understanding that their partner may have different strengths, weaknesses, and overall values than they do.   It was our goal to leave them with a more expansive perspective on differences amongst themselves, their peers, and their romantic interests to ensure nonjudgmental, healthy interpersonal dynamics.

In December, our first meeting will build off of the past discussions, promoting your children to create-a-date, i.e., what is their ideal fun date?  How do their boundaries (deal-breakers) and requirements (must-haves) factor into what they expect when going out with someone?  We hope that your children will utilize that knowledge for more in-depth self-exploration, as well.  Our second meeting will then be a switch in tone with a joint holiday party with North Carolina State University’s Community, Counseling, Education, and Research Center (CCERC)!  We will eat some food, play some games, relax, and wind down our year in festive fashion.

We at InterAct would like to thank you for supporting your children through one more year.  It has been a pleasure talking with them, and we are looking forward to continuing our discussions next year.  As always, if you have any questions about any of the topics presented above, please feel free to contact us at or call at (919) 828-7501.

Merry holidays & happy New Year,

InterAct Youth Services

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