A Different Kind of Valentine’s Love Note

Usually, on Valentine’s Day, I’m thinking of creative ways to show my children how much I love them. Truth be told, I’ll probably find a way to embarrass them with a love note or a Valentine’s Day card tucked into a class notebook.

But this year, I also want to acknowledge a part of our village that enriches my teenagers’ lives every day. They say it takes a village, and I can say that this group has been there for my children in many ways academically. So I want this lovely group of people who are such a critical part of my children’s academic life to know how much we love and appreciate them – the Wade Edwards Learning Lab (WELL).

From tutoring to mentoring, the WELL has been a lifeline for my teens during afterschool hours and during the summer.  It was a pure gift for me to find the WELL when my children were transitioning from middle school to high school.  Everyone was welcoming and willing to help us navigate the complexity that is high school. It was so easy to engage with the staff at the WELL because they made you feel at home and made clear that they have your child’s best interest at heart.

They have given my teenagers the opportunity not only to complete homework in a safe, monitored environment, but to receive tutoring, when needed. And the WELL offers a variety of activites, including community service (WELL Service Warriors), Teen Talk, an open forum on teen issues.  Additionally, the WELL has served as a bridge program from middle school to high school and over the summer for my teens.  They offer various summer classes, including computer programming, and they arrange college tours.  This year, my daughter will represent the WELL at the Triangle Youth Leadership Conference at North Carolina State University.  It is through the mentorship and guidance at the WELL that my teens are striving for opportunities like this.

The WELL is an invaluable asset to my family and I sincerely want the staff that we love them and cannot thank them enough for their continued efforts.  To all of the WELL staff, we love and appreciate you!

– Catina Cain, JD

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