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In preparation for senior year, it is important for juniors to begin creating their list of possibilities. A list of possibilities can include college options, military consideration, and/or trade choices.  In LEAP Jr., students are challenged with creating a dream list of plans after high school.  Many students who select college as an option are given multiple methods to research their choices. College Foundation ( has several resources to help in the research phase. There are links to all public and private colleges and universities in North Carolina where students can compare campus size, city location, gender ratios, and financial questions.  Juniors work with WELL staff and NCSU mentors on completing these college comparisons. This allows students to have a snap shot of their choices and how they match up beside each other. In LEAP Jr., staff use the college comparison worksheet to guide conversations when reviewing mid-year transcripts and when discussing university requirements. When considering a trade or military, it is important students are aware of what interests them. During LEAP Jr., students complete a CISS (Campbell Interest and Skill Survey). The survey has students rank statements between strongly like and strongly dislike.  The results from this questionnaire are broken down into careers and jobs students should avoid, develop, explore, or pursue.  Taking all these resources into consideration, we hope to create a concrete foundation for students in their post-secondary planning process.

Decisions, Decisions!

When students enter high school, and attend their new student orientations, they are continuously told that if you are thinking about college, preparation begins today! As much as that message is told, many students tend to ignore the warnings…

Embracing a Love Ethic by Andrew Shaw, CCERC Counselor

Can you think of a time, recently or in the past, when you felt deeply

Your Teen’s Weight Is Not the Problem: Building Healthy Habits Without Shame By Brittany Guerin and Andrew Shaw

  In our society, there is an unhealthy amount of fear and oppression towards people whose bodies are larger. Cue: “The War on Obesity.” In reality, weight is not a reliable indicator for our physical health. In fact, the stigma…

Who are your mental health role models? By Vanessa Soleil

This May, as we launch into summer, we invite you to celebrate

Thank You!

Hello, parents! Congratulations! Your child has finished