The students from Mrs. Taylor Collins’s AP Sociology class have had a unique month in their class- and not just because of all of the snow days! They have been taking part in the Link2Learn program here at the WELL. Each student has been paired up with a senior citizen from the local Raleigh Housing Authority apartments. They then met weekly for about an hour to help their partner learn about technology and computer skills. Some of the partners tackled e-mail, others set up Social Media accounts, and some learned to navigate Microsoft Word or Excel.

Senior, Patricia, shared that she felt blessed to be able to come to the program. She said before joining Link2Learn, she didn’t know anything about computers—not even how to turn it on! But she has felt that she has learned a lot from her partner, Broughton Student Corinne. Patricia told the group that Corrine was a good teacher who was pleasant and patient to work with. On the other side, Corinne shared that she had a good time teaching Patricia and learned about her life experiences while showing her how to maneuver through using a computer.

Link2LearnAnother partnership was also very positive. Broughton Student Sierra really connected with her partner, Fonda, and said they had many deep conversations and described Fonda as “so nice” and funny. Sierra said that when she learned her Sociology class would take part in this program, she didn’t know what to expect but she had a great time and learned how to slow down while teaching. Fonda shared her positive experience as well- and was most proud that now she was able to stay connected with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren through the Internet. She learned that the computer is so fun- and there is even music!

We are also happy to team with Teaming 4 Technology and be able to provide reduced price refurbished laptops and desktops for the Senior Citizens to purchase so they may have a computer of their own to practice on. This Spring 12 seniors took advantage of this! Link2Learn is celebrating its 10th year in 2014 and we are so happy that the program has continued to be a success. It provides a connection between generations and flips roles, making the high school student the teacher!

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  1. Kathi Dunphy
    Kathi Dunphy says:

    I would like to know more about Link2Learn. I have a middle aged daughter who is interested in learning how to use a computer.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Kathi


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