Our Mission:

Providing the student community with opportunities for achievement, enrichment, and service, in preparation for personal and academic success.


The WELL is dedicated to serving all Wake County High School students through a variety of program offerings.  Student programs incorporate activities and methodology based around the theory of positive youth development. In short, positive youth development is an intentional, pro-social approach that engages youth within their various social groups (communities, schools, peer groups, families, etc.); recognizes and utilizes strengths of youth; and promotes positive outcomes for young people.


The WELL staff members have a passion and dedication for serving students. Every staff member will be trained in the Step-It-Up-2-Thrive curriculum curriculum.  Staff members bring a variety of skills and education to the WELL. Visit our “Meet the Team” page to learn more about us!

The WELL benefits from the invaluable help of our dedicated volunteers and community partners (including Youth Thrive, Wake County 4-H and the Raleigh College Collaborative).  We could not do this work without our volunteer tutors.  During the 2015-2016 school year students benefitted from 25 volunteer tutors providing a value of $59,520.60 in in-kind support.

If you’re interested in volunteering with the WELL, visit our volunteer page for more information. We can always use tutoring help!


There are many organizations in Wake County dedicated to serving youth, but not many that serve high school students exclusively. The WELL focuses on developing the whole student, believing that serving solely the academic needs of students is not enough.  High school is tough, and the WELL offers a holistic approach for personal and academic growth and success, encouraging our members to engage and invest in the WELL community, and greater Wake County community.

Our Impact:

The WELL has a long tradition of adapting to the changing times.  We pride ourselves on being an organization that best serves the needs of our students. During the 2015-2016 school year we supported more than 900 students through our program offerings. For more information about our impacts, click here.