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Hello, Parents!

Last month at Teen Talk, our InterAct staff discussed personality types and how unique characteristics of a person can affect how they act in relationships.  Specifically, we addressed how to utilize one’s natural strengths while acknowledging areas for growth.  Further, we talked of how your children can use their skills to be active and responsible […]

How to Stay Stress-free This Holiday Season by Dave Hughes

Well, they’re here again.  And while they may represent different beliefs and mean different things for each of us, they tend to bring with them visits from relatives, turkey-induced tryptophan comas, gift shopping, work parties, traveling, cooking, school plays and events, breaking a budget or two, and oh yeah: stress.  Let’s face it, the holidays […]

Interact Challenges Stereotypes in Teen Talk

By: Interact Hello, parents! Welcome back to another year of academia.  We at InterAct Youth Services are excited to educate our students, your children!  This month, we will be focusing on challenging stereotypes.  Questioning normative standards is an essential aspect of critical thinking, and high school is the perfect time to hone one’s skills.  By […]

Enhancing Wellness: Nurturing Your Coping Self

By: Vanessa Soleil A warm welcome back from the staff at the Community Counseling, Education, and Research Center (CCERC). As we resume counseling services after summer break and launch into another school year of partnership with the WELL, we’re continuing to explore wellness for all in our community. Our belief at CCERC is that counseling […]