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We’re Taking Action on Climate Change

ACE is excited to announce the launch of a new spring campaign, We Power Forward. We Power Forward is an online platform that allows young people across the country to take climate action and fight for renewable energy. Participants can support the campaign work of ACE Action Fellows in regions across the country both digitally and […]

Science-backed Study Skills Every Student Should Know

For most courses from middle school through college, exam scores determine at least 50 percent of a student’s final grade. So it’s critical that every student knows how to do well on tests. As many parents are frustrated to learn, teachers rarely have the time to teach study skills. Even if they do, they’re likely […]

Taking Care of Your Essential Self

If you read the WELL’s January newsletter, you may remember that each month we’ll be focusing on one of five important components of well-being: your social self (family, friendship, and romantic love) your essential self (your spirituality, cultural identity, and self care) your physical self (exercise and eating well) your creative self (your thoughts, your […]

Is Your Dating Teenanger in Danger?

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Teen dating violence looks a lot like adult dating violence – with one major difference: it’s vastly underestimated and misunderstood. In fact, 81% of parents either don’t think dating violence is an issue in teen relationships or don’t know if it’s an issue. Teen dating Violence is a huge […]