CCERC: A Center For The Community

The Community Counseling Education and Research Center (CCERC) is entering our next stage of community engagement.  We’ve been in partnership with the WELL for a while now and it’s no secret that one of our favorite populations to serve is students and their families.  Recently, we doubled down on these efforts by establishing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Wake County Public Schools that guarantees free services to Wake County students 14 years old and above.  It’s just the latest step in our ongoing efforts to engage and serve you in a way that helps you flourish in all the many facets of wellness.  Here’s what these new changes mean for you:

Easier access for students

One of the values that drives what we do at CCERC is accessibility.  We believe that world class counseling services shouldn’t be restricted to a small segment of the population who can afford and access them.  Our students are an often overlooked population when it comes to discussing wellness and they deserve the very best resources that we can give them.  Because of our partnership with the WCPSS, school counselors and teachers can more easily get students connected with CCERC counselors. Parents can rest assured that their children will get a lot of support at CCERC and that they can be a part of the process too. Parents are encouraged to attend at least the first two sessions with their teen in order to collaborate with the counselor and discuss wellness goals.

Counseling is for everyone

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about counseling is that there has to be something drastically wrong or that someone has to be suffering from a distinct mental illness in order to benefit from counseling.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Whether it’s a life transition, relationship issues, career change or guidance, or perhaps even just having someone to process life’s ups and downs with in a safe, relational environment, everyone can benefit from counseling.  This means that while we had students in mind when we developed a partnership with WCPSS, we haven’t forgotten about their families and all the other people who could be well served by seeking counseling at CCERC.  A sliding scale of $0-30 per session is in place for adults who wish to receive individual, couples, of family counseling at CCERC.

So how do I get started?

         Simple: go to and click on Get Started!

The Community Counseling, Education, and Research Center (CCERC) of the NC State Counselor Education at the WELL provides mental health and career counseling services to individuals, couples, and families.

    • Graduate students in the NC State University Counseling Education program provide counseling services under the supervision of counselor education faculty.
    • As a training, education, and research center for counselors, counselor supervisors, and counselor educators, the CCERC is available to offer a sliding fee scale that matches what clients are able to afford.
    • All CCERC counselors are trained in multicultural counseling and are culturally competent, with knowledge and skills to work with clients of diverse cultural backgrounds and personal identities.

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