WELL Student Ambassadors

The WELL Student Ambassadors (WSA) is a student leadership club. The goal of the Ambassadors is to promote student involvement and participation at the WELL and in the community. Students meet at the Wade Edwards Learning Lab (WELL) to share ideas, socialize, and discuss ways to promote involvement at the WELL and in our community. Student members must be committed to attending WSA events, service projects, and regular meetings.

Be our next WELL Student Ambassador!
1. Endorse and support the mission, policies and activities of WSA and the WELL.
2. Participate in the fundraising and public affairs activities of WSA.
3. Volunteer in some capacity at all WSA events or at events in which the WSA is participating.
4. Act as an informed spokesperson for the WELL.
5. Participate in any ongoing training provided for new WSA members.
6. Earn community service hours as you capitalize on leadership opportunities.
7. Participate in WELL activities including Well-Rounded, Advocacy in Action, Teen Talk, receptions, and community events.

WELL Student Ambassadors Form

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If you have any questions, please contact Candy Pambu at enrichment@wade.org.