WELL Rounded is a bi-weekly program focused on developing essential workforce and life skills that will support a student’s success in high school and beyond. Themes change monthly and focus on real-world experiences, workforce skills and careers.

The WELL will partner with 4-H Youth Development to offer their Build Your Future workforce curriculum. It will be great fun!

Build Your Future: Choices…Connections…Careers

This curriculum helps develop skills and knowledge in career exploration.

It is very interactive and will focus on these areas of skill development:

                1.  Connecting experiences, personal interests, skills, values, and personality to career options

                2.  Learning about career & employment portfolios and following the steps to create their own portfolio.

                3.  Exploring how education and training affect employment opportunities, earning potential, and lifetime earnings.

                4.  Understanding the various types of postsecondary education and training, plus ways to fund it.

                5.  Learning employability skills like writing résumés and interviewing for jobs.

                6.  Pulling the pieces together, focusing on career goals and steps necessary to reach those goals.

Meets Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday
3:15-4:15 p.m. @ The WELL

Build Your Future is offered in partnership with 4-H.

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