Overview of WELL membership

The WELL supports and encourages all Wake County High School students in their pursuit of academic and personal success. We strive to maintain a respectful learning and working environment for everyone at the WELL.

We also that members conduct themselves with self-respect, self-control, and that they agree to abide by the rules and guidelines set out in this membership form.

We love the sense of community that is built at the WELL. And we appreciate the energy of our young people.

Benefits of a WELL membership

Memberships are free of charge and open to members of the Wake County High School community. See staff for more information on membership requirements.

WELL members are allowed:

• use of the computer lab

• free Internet access

• free laser B/W printing

• limited color printing

• academic tutoring services

• participation in enrichment and community service activities

Memberships are contingent upon providing the information requested accurately and completely.

Fill out an application below.