Space Reservation


Meeting Space Availability

The Wade Edwards Foundation and Learning Lab (the WELL) is pleased to offer the use of its meeting space to nonprofits, WCPSS classroom teachers, or community groups whose work complements our mission: providing the student community with opportunities for achievement, enrichment, and service in preparation for personal and academic success.

Meeting space is not available for adult groups, for-profit or commercial groups. 

While space is currently offered free of charge to our community partners, donations are welcome to help defray the cost of utilities, tech support, and cleaning.

Meeting spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Feel free to check our Events Calendar for open dates. Reservations must be received via our online form at least 5 business days in advance. The WELL reserves the right to refuse use of meeting space for any reason. Meeting spaces are not available for parties or celebratory events.

Please be advised that if you need time for setup, you will need to include that time within your reservation. Groups may get into the WELL as early as 8am with prior arrangement. Student hours are from 2:30pm-6pm, therefore most daytime meetings will need to conclude by 2pm. WELL programming is our first priority. Meeting spaces are not available on holidays.

Description of Space

Our facility is located at 714 Saint Mary’s St; Raleigh, NC; 27605. Five meeting spaces are available for public use:

  1. 2nd floor Conference Room (capacity: 10 people)The Conference Room is an average sized room with a large conference table and chairs. There is a dry erase board. WiFi and a projector are available upon request. Food and beverages are allowed in this room.
  1. Computer Lab (capacity: 21 people*)The Computer Lab is a large room with 21 desktop workstations (with Windows and Microsoft Office software). There is a printer/scanner for emergency use only. The two staff desks are not to be used under any circumstances. There is a pull-down projection screen (note: when the screen is pulled down two workstations becomes blocked). Dry-erase board, markers, and eraser can be provided upon request. Wi-Fi, and/or projector(s) are available upon request.*you may accommodate up to 42 people working in pairs at each workstation. With the addition of folding chairs. No food is allowed in this room, and only covered beverages.
  1. Study Hall (capacity: 25 – 30 classroom and 50 lecture) The Study Hall is a large room, 14’ X 32’, with 10-12 tables, 50 stacking chairs. There is a large format monitor with various adapters to attach peripherals. The room is typically kept in a classroom style set-up. Tables and chairs can be moved (by the organizer) into many different configurations. Dry-erase board, markers and eraser, Wi-Fi and/or a projector (if preferred) are available upon request. There is a small catering kitchen adjacent to the Stucly Hall. Food and beverages are allowed in this room.
  1. 3rd Floor Conference Room (capacity: capacity: 10 people) This conference room is an average sized room with a large single table and chairs. There is a dry erase board. WiFi or a projector are available upon request. This space is also used as our College Center, so there are several displays mounted on the walls. Food and beverages are allowed in this room.
  1. 3rd Floor Program Space(capacity: 25-30 people)The 3rd floor space is an open room. There are folding tables and chairs that can be arranged in various formats. There is a large-format monitor on a stand with a computer already hooked up. Wi-Fi and a projector (if preferred) are available upon request. Mac users must bring their own adapter. There is an opposite side on the 3rd floor with a large conference table and chairs. Neither side has doors.

While space is offered free of charge to our community partners, donations are encouraged to help defray the cost of utilities, tech support, and cleaning. All setup and clean up is the responsibility of the event organizer. Thank you. 

Reserving Meeting Space

Organizations or groups wishing to use our space must have a designated Organizer who also serves as the host of the meeting. For meetings of youth, the Organizer must be a responsible adult 21 years of age or older. The Organizer must arrive 15-20 minutes before the start of the workshop/event to participate in a one-time, 5-minute orientation. If the event is after-hours or on a weekend, please contact Betsey McFarland to arrange for a quick orientation and building tour at least 2-3 days prior to your event.

  • Meeting spaces may only be reserved up to six months in advance. Spaces may not be reserved with less than 1 week’s (5 business days) advance notice if the Organizer has not yet completed an orientation. If the Organizer has already participated in an orientation, available spaces may be reserved no less than 3 business days in advance.
  • If the WELL needs to cancel a reservation, we will provide at least 5 business days notice.
  • If the Organizer cancels the meeting, s/he must notify the WELL staff as soon as possible. Failure to notify the WELL staff of a canceled meeting may serve as grounds for denial of future space usage.
Organizer Responsibilities

The Organizer must be onsite for the complete duration of the meeting.

  • The Organizer is responsible for informing the meeting participants of the meeting space guidelines parking restrictions, etc.
  • The Organizer is responsible for all communications with meeting participants.
  • The Organizer should be sure to specify which entrance to use and how to find the reserved meeting room.
  • The Organizer should provide a mobile number or other methods of contact for meeting participants. The WELL contact information should not be provided.
  • In case of snow or other potentially hazardous weather, the WELL will close if the Wake County Public School System announces a school closure. If schools are delayed, the WELL will generally be available at 11 am. Reservations for meeting space are immediately canceled if the office closes for weather or other hazardous conditions. The Organizer is responsible for checking for school closings or delays and notifying meeting participants if the meeting is canceled.
  • Permission to use the WELL meeting space does not imply an endorsement or sponsorship of the organization or group or the purpose of the meeting. The Organizer should avoid any language that suggests endorsement or sponsorship (e.g., “host”). The WELL should only be referred to when specifying the meeting location: “… at the WELL.” Proper use of the WELL name/identity is important; therefore, please use the full “Wade Edwards Foundation and Learning Lab” or abbreviated “WELL” name.
  • The Organizer may load/unload through either entrance. There is parking available in the back of the building, as well as along the street in the front of the building. If you park behind the building, please make sure to only park along the fence in our lot. Do not block the neighbor’s yard or block access to the dumpster. If you park on the street, please be sure not to block the cross-walk or any drive-ways. The three spots in the front of the building are for CCERC clients or other visiting the WELL to meet with staff. Weekend users may park across the street at Broughton High School if necessary.
  • Room set-up is the responsibility of the Organizer. For meetings that start at 8:00 am, the Organizer may conduct set-up the prior afternoon as long as the space is available.
  • The Organizer is responsible for the overall conduct of the group.
  • The WELL building and grounds is a smoke-free, drug free, and alcohol free environment.
  • Please be mindful that this is a work environment and excessive noise in the hallway and meeting rooms can disturb staff and other meetings in progress.
  • Staff offices or other non-public spaces should not be entered without invitation. The Organizer or a representative may access designated areas for the purposes outlined in this packet.
  • The Organizer is responsible for ensuring that the meeting space is left ready for its next use.
  • Any WELL supplies provided should be returned to staff or a designated area.
  • All trash and recyclables should be disposed of in designated receptacles. Trash and recycling bins can be found all around the building. Large amounts of trash (especially from functions involving food) should be placed in the outside dumpster. Food Trash should be disposed of in the big gray/black garbage cans available near each meeting space.
  • All table and seating surfaces should be cleared and cleaned if needed.
  • Tables and seating should be put back into original configuration.
  • It is expected that accidents can happen and damage may result. The Organizer should notify a WELL staff member of any damages or broken equipment prior to leaving. Failure to notify staff may serve as grounds for denial of future space usage.
  • The Organizer should not leave until all other meeting participants have exited the premises. We respectfully request that participants not congregate in meeting spaces or hallways following a meeting.
  • For meetings after-hours: It is imperative that all doors are locked and secured when exiting the building. This is especially important for the front door as it does not lock securely on its own.
Equipment, Supplies, Displays & Food


  • We offer wireless access to the Internet. The guest network password will be provided upon request. Please do not give out publicly, and type it in personally.
  • Please do not unplug any existing cords, cables or phones.
  • Copier and printing services are not available (exception: high school class or club). Please bring enough copies to cover your meeting.


  • Any equipment brought in by the group is to be removed at the end of your meeting.
  • Any supplies previously offered will be made available upon request. All other supplies (tape, paper, writing pads, etc.) must be provided by the organizer.


  • If visuals are used, please don’t screw, drill, tack, use permanent tape or mark the ceilings or walls. No visuals should be attached in any way to electronics or artwork.
  • Use painter’s tape for placing easel pad sheets on open wall space in each of the meeting spaces. Do not write on easel pad sheets once they have been placed on open wall space. Participants may write on easel pad sheets that are hung on the dry erase boards.
  • All presentation materials are to be removed at the end of your meeting.

Food and Beverages

  • Groups are welcome to have their meetings catered. If food is being delivered, please have someone from your group designated to receive the order and provide instructions for the caterer or delivery service on what to do when arriving with order. Limited counter top space is available in the 2nd Floor Conference Room and Study Hall and should be considered in catering decisions. Folding tables are available if extra space is needed. Only snacks are allowed in the 3rd Floor Conference Room.
  • No alcoholic beverages should be served at the WELL.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the Computer Lab (if you need to serve food or beverages, you must reserve additional space.). Covered water bottles are okay.
To Our Guests
When You Use This Space
  1. Please return all tables and chairs to their original set up.
  2. Be sure tables are clean – no marks or food residue.
  3. Clean off dry erase board if used.
  4. All trash should be put in the large, black covered garbage cans – especially any food garbage.
  5. Be sure the restroom key is hung up (Study Hall only).
  6. Turn off the lights.
  7. Unless instructed otherwise, leave the borrowed key on the front desk in the lobby.
  8. If you are an evening group, please be sure the front door is secure (push from the outside, pull from the inside until you hear the door click).
Thanks for being our guest!
Emergency Contact: Betsey McFarland (813-716-2730)
WiFi: Lucius714!

Be sure to read the terms and conditions above and complete our space reservation form.