Hello, parents!

Congratulations!  Your child has finished one more year of their high school experience.  We at InterAct have greatly enjoyed speaking with your children, and are grateful for the opportunity throughout the year.  After having such a busy year full of interesting conversations, here is a quick recap of what we talked about.

  • Bullying – How do we unpack stereotypes, accept differences, and check our personal biases?
  • What’s our kryptonite: Understanding personal strengths and weaknesses in relationships.
  • Create-a-date – What are our personal boundaries, and how do we respect them in our relationships?
  • Love language – What’s your love language?
  • Teen Dating Violence – What does abuse look like?
  • Being safe and respectful using social media
  • What is sexual harassment, and how is it different from flirting?
  • Sexual assault – Understanding consent

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to work together and shine a light on topics that can be very hard to discuss.  This type of work requires strength, honesty, and vulnerability, all of which your children have shown.  You should be proud.  Still, we ask you to continue having these conversations with your kids.  There is always more to learn about ourselves, each other, and how we can best interact with those around us.  We urge you to continue having these sorts of conversations, and continue pushing for happy, healthy, loving relationships.

As always, if you have any questions about any of the topics presented above or would like to ask us questions directly, please feel free to contact us at interactyouthservices@gmail.com or call at (919) 828-7501.

Thank you, once again.

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