Test Question: A ballot contains a list of 5 candidates. Each voter can choose zero to five candidates. In how many ways can a voter complete the ballot? (answer at bottom of page)

Are you smarter than a 10th grader?

Curious about how Common Core standards have affected coursework?

Interested in a little healthy competition with your friends?

Looking for an inexpensive afternoon of fun & spirits?

Are YOU smarter than a 10th grader?

Join us and test your knowledge! All you need is a team of four. Teams will battle it out through four rounds of trivia, from 9th grade to 12th grade for a grand prize!

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WHAT: Trivia Tournament

WHEN: Sunday, March 19th from 1-4pm

WHERE: Sitti Lebanese Restaurant (137 S. Wilmington Street, Raleigh)

COST: $40 (in advance) for a team of 4  OR $50 day-of for a team of 4

GRAND PRIZE: It’s a surprise!!

BONUS: We have some awesome silent auction items!

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Correct Answer: 32